Why I Love My Cape Town


This is an easy one, what’s not to Love about this beautiful city that has unlimited natural beauty and endless places to explore you could be a tourist in this city 365 days a year.

Cape Town is sensational and I’m totally in Love. It has my heart and I’m bursting with pride to be living here and totally passionate to share my beautiful city with you.

It’s hard not to shout about it, if you don’t know, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And that is not only my opinion. The city has won numerous awards like Favourite City in the World, most Loved City, Best City in Africa, Best City in the World, Best Destination in the World and Places of a Lifetime by reputable publications like UK Daily, Sunday Telegraph, The Telegraph, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller and Tripadvisor. Quite an impressive list.

Cape Town has endless beauty to explore and activities to suit every personality from lying on perfect white sandy beaches, being pampered in luxury five star resorts to action filled days hiking up Table Mountain, paragliding, zip lining, visiting the cutest penguins in the world, world heritage sites or spend your days relaxing in the most gorgeous wine regions. I hope you are impressed but there is so much more to come.

Cape Town offers every tourist the perfect combination of picturesque ocean views together with a spectacular mountain backdrop, this city is drop dead gorgeous. It is hard to travel anywhere in the city without jaw dropping beauty to look at. Cape Town is one gorgeous city that will allure and seduce you until she has won your heart.

And if to say that her natural beauty is not all that is on offer, the city offers a profound history to captivate your heart.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, action or entertainment you will definitely find it all in this idealistic holiday destination and you will leave Cape Town feeling content, satisfied and in Love.

And if I haven’t hit it yet I have forgotten to mention that the dining experience Cape Town offers is extraordinary. From quirky cafes to fine dining there is a culinary experience to delight all. Cape Town really has outstanding restaurants with panoramic views or character filled décor you will definitely be impressed with the Cape Town dining culture.

Capetonians are friendly people with a chilled out attitude to life and are always willing to help. This is a cosmopolitan city like no other and there are no words to express the experience this city offers. I can guarantee you Cape Town will satisfy your every desire and is one experience in life you just have to have.

It is such a priviledge to live in beautiful Cape Town where the opportunities for exploring are endless. You’ll soon see why I… Love My Cape Town


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