Ultimate vineyard experience for the entire family at South Hill


Last weekend I discovered one of the exquisite gems in the Elgin Valley crown, namely South Hill Vineyards.

Although they’re very well known in wine circles for their incredible wine and grapes, which they supply to some of the biggest names in wine in South Africa, few people are aware of their splendid (family friendly) accommodation on the farm. Nestled between the vineyards, South Hill has a wonderful self-catering guesthouse (which can sleep up to 14 people), with 6 bedrooms to choose from. The entire house can also be booked if you’re having a family event or just spending some time with friends. Effectively this means the property, including the lovely amenities, is yours for the duration of your stay. With a stunning swimming pool, large green lawn (important to mention if you’re from Cape Town), a Provence style petanque course, a pizza oven (South Hill prepares the pizza oven, teaches you to you use it and provides pizza bases if wanted) and braai facilities – what is not to love?! The guesthouse is the perfect setting for a weekend break where parents can relax whilst the kids indulge in nature.

South Hill

Our experience at South Hill was incredible!! It included a harvest celebration dinner at the restaurant, a night in the guesthouse, a guided harvest experience and walk in the vineyards, followed by breakfast.

Coming from Cape Town we are spoilt for choice with the incredible restaurants and “foody” experiences on offer. However, at South Hill’s restaurant we had the most beautiful sensory experience, filled with delicious food and great wine. I can honestly say this has been one of the best dinners I have had in a long time! My favourite was the canape’s, followed by a delicious fillet, accompanied by South Hill red wine sauce, country reared roast chicken and perfectly prepared veggies. With it being the harvest season on the farm we had the privilege of tasting the wine as well as the associated cultivar of grape. We then had the tough job of deciding which wine pairs best with each dish. To us the evening felt like we had stepped out of time – South Hill manages what we all aim for – to add a distinctive touch that leaves the heart with a sense of appreciation and thankfulness.  Hearing the stories of how South Hill was conceived and grown into its current position left us inspired and with a feeling of being part of the family.

South Hill

After a good night’s rest, we met for a vineyard walk and harvest experience bright and early. We had the pleasure of harvesting a lug-box of grapes ourselves. Harvesting grapes was a first for my husband and I – it’s a sticky business, but lots of fun! As we walked through the different blocks of grapes on the slopes, Kevin (the owner) shared his vast knowledge of the Elgin Valley and the wine it produces.  His passion for what he does and the stories, including the victories and setbacks he has experienced along the way, were inspiring. We tasted the various grape cultivars directly from the vines as we walked.  It is incredible to taste and see the difference between the varietals in shape, grape size, taste, skin thickness etc.

South Hill

After all the walking and harvesting it was time to tuck into delicious breakfast back at the restaurant before heading back to Cape Town.

We frequently head out of town for outings and weekend experiences but this one left us touched and inspired, rather than just treated.  I would definitely recommend giving South Hill Vineyards a try, even if you just have time for afternoon lunch or stopping to grab some wine en route.


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