My Vision

My vision and dream is to create a website filled with local information to plan your perfect holiday to Cape Town and inspire fellow Capetonians to explore our beautiful city and enjoy all it has to offer.

I have found, am I’m sure many of you can agree, that when using the internet to search for a particular topic it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to find the exact information you need.

I don’t want to overwhelm this site with too much information as there are tourist sites like that but rather only include my favourite places, tourist attractions and blogs and offer my assistance in creating an itinerary for each family or traveller to Cape Town as everyone’s interests are unique and are looking for different experiences.

With my blog I hope you can enjoy first-hand experience of places I visit with the family and a great way to share my passion for Cape Town and photography, although I am very much an amateur at the photography, I love photographing everything this beautiful city offers.

I Love discovering fun things to do for the family and little ones. Being a mom of two young boys I understand the value and importance of family fun and activities that work for all. I enjoy regular touristy outings so I’m sure I will cover all your favourites places. I also believe in the importance of special time together for mom and dad so I will include our date nights or day outings too.

As a traveller for many years, and with kids, I know that holidays can sometimes seem stressful in the preparations. I would like to offer my services to make your holiday to Cape Town stress free. If there is something I don’t provide that you require please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can help arrange your perfect holiday to my beautiful city.

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