Green Point Urban Park


The best play park in Cape Town is located next to the famous Cape Town Stadium where you will Green Point Urban Park and Biodiversity Garden. This is the perfect place for the little ones to play and release their energy and it is suitable for all ages. There are two different play areas to choose from divided into the Tot-Lot Play Area suitable for ages 1 – 6, which is fenced. This area is great for the little adventurers and perfectly safe. The Adventure Play Park is for older kids, they say from 7 – 16 but my 4 year old plays there and loves it. On the weekends you need to be cautious with the little ones as it gets very busy and the older children tend to be more boisterous, and the younger kids are not as competent.


This is a wonderful modern play park and a great place to spend a couple hours. Bring a picnic to enjoy on the lawns. There are no shops in the park so be prepared with all you need to eat and drink. There are water fountains if you do forget and have some cash handy as you can buy an ice cream at the gate but he is not always there. The park is a very popular place to celebrate kids birthdays so be warned weekends are busy.

There are walking and cycling paths so be sure to pack in your little ones preferred mode of transport. The toilet facilities are good and located right next to the Adventure Play Park.


In the area, across the road towards the sea next to the Lighthouse, you will find the iconic Blue Train for the little ones, which they love, and for older kids you can enjoy a fun family game of Putt-Putt further along the Promenade. There is plenty of space to walk, ride your bike or roller blade along the Promenade with parks scattered along the way.


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