Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre


The Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre is a lovely animal experience for kids and lots of fun for the whole family. It provides an educational experience on African wildlife and bird species. Education is the main focus with a wildlife educational programme where the conservation message is conveyed in an appealing way to the little ones.

The centre houses Gerry the Giraffe, antelope, monkeys, zebras, warthog, caracal, fox, jackal, farmyard animals, ostrich, blue crane, snakes and bird species all serving an educational purpose in understanding the delicate balance of nature. The little ones can feed the cows, goats, chickens and ostrich and will receive a bucket of food on arrival.


The highly entertaining and informative interactive shows are held daily at 11am, 1pm and 3pm with the opportunity to meet and hold some interesting creatures. The is great fun for the little ones with lots of laughs and screams from the moms 🙂

This is a great experience for kids and my little ones loved the outing.


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