A Day on the Franschhoek Wine Tram


The Franschhoek Wine Tram is so much fun! It is a superb way to spend a relaxed day exploring the charming and picturesque Franschhoek Wine Valley. Situated approximately one hour from Cape Town the town has a strong French heritage founded by the French Huguenots in 1688. Franschhoek is known as the Wine & Gourmet Capital of South Africa! It is a breathtaking wine region to explore.


The tour is very well run, the staff are amazing and professional and they are there to look out for and to ensure your safety while you are having a fun day, and yes they do have some funny stories to tell 🙂

The tram tour is a hop-on hop-off service using a combination of a wine tram and a tram bus stopping at a selection of South Africa’s oldest and most distinguished wine estates to enjoy a variety of activities including wine tasting, a cellar tour, lunch or a stroll through the vineyards.


I recommend to pre-book your Wine Tram Tour to avoid any disappointment. There are four routes to choose from, I suggest to first consider where you would like to have lunch, investigate some menu’s and then choose the tour that is going to suit your lunch venue best. Ideally lunch will be your third or fourth stop. Picnics are also available.

I highly recommended making a lunch reservation for a few reasons. This will help you choose your route, plan your day and avoid disappointment of your restaurant of choice being fully booked.

Each adult ticket includes two complimentary wine tastings at select wine estates on the tour, and each tasting consists of two to three tastings. Additional wine tastings can be purchased at your own expense. This information is printed on your ticket once issued at the Tram Office in Franschhoek.

Plan for the whole day to get the complete enjoyment out of the tour. I suggest to start around 10am and you will probably finish around 5:30pm. I suggest booking some accommodation for the night if you can afford the time. Click here to read about Franschhoek Country House and Villas.

If you are travelling with kids I highly recommend both stops on the tram, Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence. From the station platforms you are transported to the estate by tractors and trucks, which of course, is great excitement for kids. Rickety Bridge has a jungle gym on the open lawn space in front of the tasting room and Grande Provence has a jungle gym in the Picnic area. La Bourgogne is also another great option for wine tasting with kids as there is a secure garden to play in with jungle gym. Click here to read about Grande Provence.


  • There are four tours to choose from – Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
  • The tram is a hop-on hop-off service
  • Arrive at the Wine Tram Office in Franschhoek Main Road 15 minutes before your tour starts, your ticket will be printed here and then you will be escorted to the tram bus for the start of the tour
  • You can choose from three to six stops depending on which tour you book
  • The only two stops on the actually tram track are Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence, all four tours stop at both of these estates. You can choose one or both (or none). I highly recommend them both and they both have great restaurants for lunch
  • From the tram platofrm there is tractor or truck which drives you to the estate
  • All the other estates are accessed by the wine tram bus
  • Each stop is an hour; this time includes the tractor ride from the platform to the estate if you are on the tram
  • You can choose to stay a stop for two hours, if you are enjoying yourself or having lunch


Le Lude, La Petite Dauphine, Holden Manz, La Bourgogne, La Couronne, Mont Rochelle, Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence


Rickety Bridge, Grande Provence, Le Lude, La Petite Dauphine, Holden Manz, La Bourgogne, La Couronne and Mont Rochelle


La Bri, Chamonix, Dieu Donne, Leopard’s Leap, Maison, Eikehof, Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence


Rickety Bridge, Grande Provence, La Bri, Chamonix, Dieu Donne, Leopard’s Leap, Maison and Eikehof.

Wine Estate Information:

Here is what’s on offer at the 14 wine estates on the Wine Tram Tour. If you are taking the kids with I have listed below which ones have jungle gyms and offer picnic lunches:


Dieu Donne

Restaurant, Picnic, Jungle Gym, Cheese Platter, Schnapps Tasting
Notes: Picnics need to be pre-booked

Dieu Donne: 
ROCA Restaurant, Cheese Platter

Cheese and Meat Platters, Light lunches

Grande Provence:
Restaurant, Picnic, Jungle Gym, Cheese Platter, Art Gallery
Notes: Stunning fine dining restaurant, Picnics need to be pre-booked, separate picnic area perfect for families with jungle gm


Holden Manz:
Franschhoek Kitchen (Restaurant), Picnic, Cheese Platter
Notes: Picnics need to be pre-booked


La Bourgogne:
Cheese Platter, Olive Oil Tasting, Jungle Gym
Notes: Adorable boutique winery with a lovely secure garden for kids to play in at the back


La Bri:
Picnic, Cheese Platter, Wine Pairings
Notes: I loved the Chocolate and wine pairing; Turkish delight and biltong pairing also available. Picnics need to be pre-booked


Le Petite Dauphine


La Couronne:
Picnic, Cheese Platter, Light lunch, Chocolate and Wine Pairing
Notes: Picnics need to be pre-booked

La Petite Dauphine:
Café Bon Bon, Cheese, Meat and Antipasti Platters available
Notes: I enjoyed a delicious antipasti and cheese platter, stunning setting and space for kids to play in front the restaurant veranda but no jungle gym


Le Lude:
Orangerie Restaurant, Sparkling Wine Estate Only, Canape Pairing, High Tea
Note: Definitely worth a visit if you love sparkling wine, the restaurant looked stunning but I did not eat here


Leopard’s Leap:
Restaurant, Jungle Gym, Food and Wine Pairing, Wine Cocktails
Notes: Rotisserie lunch


Deli, Cheese Platter, Chocolate, Cheese and Biltong Pairings

Mont Rochelle:
Restaurant, Picnic, Cheese Platter
Notes: Picnics need to be pre-booked. This is Sir Richard Brandson’s South African Hotel and Vineyard!

Rickety Bridge:
Paulina’s Restaurant, Jungle Gym, Boules Cheese Platter
Notes: Paulina’s is a lovely relaxed restaurant, cheese platters served in the tasting room, jungle gym on the open lawn space in front of the tasting room (not near restaurant)


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