Cool Runnings Toboggan Family Park


Cool Runnings is tons of fun for the whole family riding downhill on a sled at an outdoor toboggan track. This is the only toboggan track in Africa! The sled races down a 1.2 km steel half pipe but don’t worry you are in control of your speed so you can go as fast or slow as you like 🙂

Once you are seated the sled is drawn up a steep hill to the starting point, where you will queue before hitting the slopes. Staff will give you the signal to go once it is safe and then you are off down the hill. There is nothing complicated to operating the sled and you are in control of your own speed with a lever, which is also the break. It is very simple to operate and my 5 year old knew exactly how to drive the sled after the first go. At first you might go a little slow getting use to it, but I guarantee you will get faster with each go, and want to go faster as it is great fun. For safety you need to keep a 25m distance.


A sled carries a maximum of two people. Children age 8 and above can ride alone while children under 8 need to ride with an adult. Kids from age 3 can ride. There are a few rules to pay attention too, to keep you safe and as long as you follow the rules it is safe.

We visited on a public holiday and the queue was quite long, but this didn’t seem to bother the kids too much. To avoid queues on busy days I would try get there early.

A great family outing, the kids will love it (and mom and dad too).

Thanks Cool Runnings we had a blast!


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