Ceres Zip Slide Adventure Tours


Ceres Zip Slide Tours is a great adventure and tons of fun! If you are heading in the Ceres direction or looking for an adventure day tour from Cape Town I can highly recommend this amazing zip sliding tour.

Set in the beautiful Ceres Valley with picturesque views of the Skurweberg Mountains make the perfect picturesque setting for this adrenaline packed adventure tour.


The friendly, trained guides will explain all you need to know and the safety guidelines, but don’t worry it is all very easy to follow and there only a few simple rules. It is completely safe and the unique breaking system is world-class and easy to use so you are in control of your speed the whole way, in case the nerves kick in, and can make a perfect landing.

On arrival the guides fit you out with state-of-the-art safety harness, helmet and gloves and then you are set for the adventure. A short drive to the start and a short walk to the first slide gets the adventure underway. You will be on the first slide in no time, which is perfect if there are any nerves. Once the first slide is completed you will be put to ease having experienced how easy the system is to use and how well-designed the breaking system works. Now it’s time to relax and have fun.


There are 8 slides that vary in length from 100m to 290m. The highest slide is only 40m so there is nothing to fear. The tour will take approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on the size of your group and number of children.

The guides definitely add to the experience making sure you are having fun, a few jokes along the way to, but safety is always a priority and ensure any daredevils know exactly were to break and what to expect from each slide.


This tour was great fun, hubby and I loved the change of scenery and opportunity to get out into nature and the change of pace to city life challenging our suburbia mentality with a little bit of adventure. It certainly rejuvenates the mind and it is a great way to connect and spend time together. We didn’t have our kids with us this time but it would also, definitely, make a great family outing. Kids from age 3 can join in and can slide tandem with a parent or guide. Discuss this at time of booking.

I highly recommend this tour, especially if you are interested in zip lining but have a little fear of heights, this is the perfect tour to start your zip lining adventures, or to continue the adventures.


  • Tours take place daily
  • Tours start at 9am weekdays and 8am on weekends
  • Last tour booking is 3pm
  • Tours take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the group size and number of children
  • There are 8 slides with the longest slide being 290m, the highest 40m
  • Cost includes a fully guided tour, safety equipment and drinks (water and juice)
  • Wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes
  • Wet weather gear is available if it is raining
  • The office where you meet for your harnessing is located immediately on your left once you have driven over the Michell’s Pass, at the entrance of Ceres town from Cape Town side


  • Kids from age 3 years of old can join in
  • Parents or guardian need to sign an indemnity form for children under 18
  • A tandem tour can be arranged for kids with guide or parent, discuss this at time of booking


  • Take cash to tip the guide (optional)


  • Pregnant ladies cannot participate
  • People with back and spinal injuries cannot participate
  • Maximum weight 120kg


Thank you Ceres Zip Slide Tours we had a great adventure.

*Prices correct at time of publishing


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