Abseiling from Table Mountain


There are no words to describe the feeling of being on top of Table Mountain, it leaves you breathless, add to that a little adventure with one of the most breath taking views in the world, you have yourself the most extraordinary, adrenalin pumping experience. This abseil is known as the World’s original highest commercial abseil, quite a title to accomplish but don’t worry it is not that scary 🙂

For visitors to Cape Town, you do not want to miss this opportunity to experience one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature from new heights. Such a unique and incredible experience on this majestic mountain. This is definitely one for the itinerary.

Capetonians, it is time to get out of your comfort zone and throw yourself off Table Mountain 🙂
We are spoilt to have our beautiful mountain and no better way to enjoy it that abseiling down it. A little bit of adrenalin is good for the heart and keeps you feeling young and alive.

This experience is wild, but not too wild and totally safe. The guides are amazing, patient and explain everything in detail, as many times as you need 🙂 You do not need any experience. This is a great adventure and will leave you feeling energised and exhilarated. The guide said I would feel 10 years younger, and he was right.

Get the adrenalin pumping and give it a try. It was amazing I promise you will not regret it.

The facts…

  • When booking your time with Abseil Africa, make sure you leave yourself enough time to get to the TOP of the mountain, as this is the meeting point and your responsibility. Once you get out of the cableway on top you will see the Abseil Africa sign where to meet
  • Purchase your RETURN cableway ticket online through Webtickets, which helps you jump past the tellers, although you will still have to queue and this could take some time so plan accordingly. This is YOUR responsibility to PURCHASE the return cableway ticket
  • You will be taking the cableway up, then abseil, hike back to the top and then cableway down
  • Abseil Africa provide all the gear you need including gloves and safety helmet
  • In Cape Town, I would suggest the morning is the best time to go as the afternoon is often windy
  • Take a bottle of water, your camera and a jumper (in case) with. The guides are able to put a few things in a bag which they attach to your line so that when you get to the bottom you have water for the hike back up, which is quite steep, and your camera for the view J
  • The abseil takes approximately an hour for the safety brief, harnessing and preparations and then the abseil. The hike back to the top takes about 20 to 30 minutes
  • Wear comfortable clothes and trainers or hiking boots (I wore denim shorts, t-shirt and trainers and was perfectly ok, no need for any fancy hiking attire, unless this would make you feel more comfortable)
  • You can leave some things, if required, with the guide at the top as there is always someone there
  • No experience required!! So it can’t be that bad, hey?


  • Kids need to be age 10 and over
  • A tandem abseil can be arranged, on request

If you are feeling energetic you can also hike up the mountain with Abseil Africa before the abseil! Check their website for full details.

*Price correct at time of publishing



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