Welcome to Love My Cape Town.

We are two families, one British (well, half British) the Pattenden’s and one South African (very Afrikaans) the Fourie’s, both calling lovely Cape Town (Kaapstad) home. We love our city and surrounds and can think of nothing better than to be starry-eyed tourists in our city whenever we get the opportunity, which practically means every weekend and whenever there’s a half-gap to explore.

We love food, wine, the arts, music, adventure, the great outdoors AND we are PARENTS!

Our mission is to find places and experiences where we can all enjoy what we love (which includes our kids😊) and have truly remarkable experiences without feeling that you’re missing out because you’re a parent and everyone is included. Except of course date nights and romantic weekends which every couple needs (or rather deserves) as frequently as you can manage.

It provides us with immense joy to help direct families to places and experiences to enjoy fun times that we can vouch for, without the hassle of trawling the internet for hours.

If you would like to connect with us email at: [email protected]

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